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noun : a fun company with good taste

We power big adventures with beautifully designed toys that adults love as much as kids do. All designs are color selections, created by Smol in the USA.

We believe playtime is beautiful

Big adventures await with beautifully designed toys that adults love as much as kids do.

big adventures await ☺︎
Minimalist Design. Maximum Imagination.
Playtime with Smol

As a kid, there’s almost nothing more magical than bouncing and taking flight. As a parent there’s almost nothing more magical than watching your kids expend that imaginative energy in a beautiful space. We wanted to create a bounce house that allows you to capture all the beautiful in between moments in your own home, every day.

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I am so happy that there are finally bounce houses and fun outdoor things that are aesthetically pleasing while also being easy to set up and take down!


The quality is unreal, the neutral design is perfect, and it is so easy to pop up and take down! I just know we will get so much use out of it for years to come.

Sarah H.

I just got this and it has brought so much joy to my family! The kids cannot stop laughing. Best purchase in a long time!


Got this for my son’s birthday so both of my boys could enjoy it all summer. They would play on this all day long if I let them. Such good quality and love the design and colors.


I love this so much! Def was worth the wait. I also get so many compliments on it.

Netanya C.

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