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A cooldown spot for smol splashers

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Your at-home water park, with an imaginative twist!

Smol x Mushie

A match made in heaven

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Big adventures await with Smol Course

Smol Tide

The water table everyone's talking about
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We power big adventures with beautifully designed toys that adults love as much as kids do. All designs are color selections, created by Smol in the USA.

We believe playtime is beautiful

Big adventures await with beautifully designed toys that adults love as much as kids do.

big adventures await ☺︎
Minimalist Design. Maximum Imagination.
Playtime with Smol

As a kid, there’s almost nothing more magical than bouncing and taking flight. As a parent there’s almost nothing more magical than watching your kids expend that imaginative energy in a beautiful space. We wanted to create a bounce house that allows you to capture all the beautiful in between moments in your own home, every day.

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This is the bounce house of my dreams! It is absolutely beautiful. My kids have plenty of room while jumping together and ask everyday to have it blown up!


Purchased this for my daughter's 6th birthday party and she's absolutely obsessed!!!! I love that it fits in the house!! Hours of fun and! Super easy to set up and put away!

Kali K.

We bought this to put in our sports court for winter days and to pull out to play with friends. It’s beautifully made and I love that it is neutral colors. My kids have a blast on it each time. Highly recommend!!

Andrea M.

Smol was a great investment!! My kids will be entertained with it for hours and give me time to get things done! Looks so pretty and goes well with their toy room! Definitely recommend.

Lina N.

I’m obsessed with the beauty of it + functionality! So easy to put up and kids are obsessed!!


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