Our Story

We’re 2 moms that were looking for a way to keep our kids busy during the cold winter months. We knew we wanted a bounce house, but also wanted something that would look aesthetically pleasing in our homes. After searching and searching and searching, we found nothing. We knew we wanted unique colors and shapes that were unlike anything else on the market that parents would love as much as the kids. That’s when Smol was created.

We got to work first on the design. Every detail of our bounce houses, even down to the color of the blower and stakes, were hand selected and created by Smol in the USA. Then started sourcing, which was in the middle of a pandemic and the supply chain issues weren’t exactly our bestie. After months of waiting for products and lots of lots of jumps during testing we launched in August 2021.

We sold out our first launch in just 24 hours. As a smol, mom owned business this meant the world to us. We’ve loved watching your families enjoy your Smol products ever since. Can’t wait to show you what else we have coming soon.

Amber & Kendra

We believe playtime is beautiful.

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