Bounce Houses

In every package you will receive a Smol bounce house, perfectly sized storage bag that even a bad folding job will fit into, 1 neutral colored blower, 1 mallet, 4 blower stakes, 6 bounce house stakes, 3 sandbags, and 1 repair kit.

Yes! Make sure it is securely anchored in either areas, 6.6 ft (2 meter away from all other objects), and not used in windy or wet conditions. Make sure to read the instruction manual and (cute) warning label in full to make sure you are using the bounce house correctly and safely.

The bounce houses inflate in under a minute. But who is counting?

We have 2 sizes available - 6x6 & 8x8.

See weight, height and capacity requirements for each on their product pages. 

Sadly, water is not recommended when using this bounce house since it is a electrically powered device and not compatible with water. Water can deteriorate or mold the fabric. 

Yup. The bounce house requires constant air flow to stay inflated. 

Well first, you should make the kids do it. Have them use a damp cloth with a non-flammable, non-toxic cleaner or water to wipe the surface. Make sure the area completely dries before rolling up.

The bounce house may take up to 5 minutes to fully deflate. Your Smol bounce house will pack up smaller if it is fully deflated. You can push out the air while rolling it up to speed up the process. 

We don't advise rolling on it to help deflate it, for safety and you'd look pretty silly.

Yeah! Air coming out from the seams is normal & keeps the bounce house from over inflating and popping. Do not cover air flow on seams.

If you get a fabric rip on the bounce house, use your repair kit. 

In smaller spaces and indoors the blower will seem louder than outside. Feel free to use it as a white noise machine when not in use.

Make sure the bounce house is completely dry before rolling up and store in the provided bag. Store the bag in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. But somewhere easy to get to, because the kids are going to be begging to set it back up.

Shipping & Returns

Right now, we just ship to the USA and Canada.

Continental US shipping: $29.99

Canada: $95. No door to door shipping, duties are not included and shipping may take up to 45 days.

Orders generally will ship within 3 business days after being placed.

Because of the size of the item and cost to ship, all sales are final unless your item has a defect.