3 Ways to Play and Hide Away in Your Smol Space

3 Ways to Play and Hide Away in Your Smol Space

The most unexpected places in your house often become your kids’ favorite. Maybe it’s a nook under the stairs, a shady spot under a tree, or a quiet, cluttered closet.

Like these special places, Smol Space is where kids go to be themselves–whether they’re letting their imaginations run wild or getting some much needed rest. What makes Smol Space truly magical is that it disappears as quickly as it appears. A small fan brings it to life in seconds, but the moment the fan is off, the space collapses and stores in minutes.

A hiding spot this convenient quickly becomes a staple during play time and quiet time. Here are three ways to enjoy this enchanting addition to your playroom.

Play Pretend

mom and kid playing in smol space

Encourage your child's imaginative spirit by transforming the Smol Space into a world of make-believe. Help them set up a tea party with this adorable Plan Toys wooden tea set and all of their stuffed animal friends. The Smol Space’s neutral design makes it a blank canvas for creativity. One day, your kids may use it as a classroom for fairy school, and the next day it’s a house where all of their favorite Disney characters live.

No matter what their imaginations come up with, the memories they make playing with siblings and friends will last a lifetime. Sometimes all it takes is a new environment to transport them to that make believe world.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

kids feet sticking out of the bottom of smol space

Turn your Smol Space into a reading haven. Plan a read-a-thon with your littles and start the day by heading to your local library (don’t forget a sturdy book bag!). Let your littles choose a stack of books that catch their eyes. When you get home, fill your Smol Space with fluffy pillows and soft blankets, then invite your kids to bring their library books–and a few of their favorites from the shelf. There is no better bonding time than reading and it does wonders for your kids’ development and overall health.

Want to refresh your picture book collection? Take a look at our Top 10 Book Club picks for fall.

Make it a Peaceful Place

kids laying down in smol space

Most kids deal with sensory overload on a daily basis between sibling arguments, school work, and the constant noise of being a kid. Give them the opportunity to unwind and escape to a special place that’s all their own–even if it’s a short 30 minutes.

Smol Space can be that cozy corner your kids look forward to unwinding in. A good age to start quiet time is when your child stops napping. They will likely still need some time to reset. As your child gets older, it will be beneficial to their brains to turn off the noise and sit with their thoughts and feelings.

We love Brighter Fun’s educational products that help kids tap into their emotions in a fun and engaging way. The Feeling All the Feelings Workbook: A Kids’ Guide to Exploring Emotions is a journal-like workbook for kids ages 6-9 with 100+ activities and practices designed to foster emotional awareness and regulation, and explore the importance of every feeling. For younger kids, their Animal Chat Emotion Activity Cards help them connect with 30 different emotions including excitement, contentment, and anger. Hopefully, this time to reset and consider how they’re feeling prompts important, bonding conversations. 

On second thought, you might want to add a blanket and pillow to quiet time, too. We’re guessing more often than not your kids  will realize they’re not too old for that nap.


There are so many ways to unlock the magic of your Smol Space, whether your kids are full of energy or ready to recharge. We hope it becomes a well-loved part of your kids’ childhood adventures and development.