5 Smol and Mushie Toy Combos for Imaginative Play

5 Smol and Mushie Toy Combos for Imaginative Play

From naptime to playtime, from lunch to laughter, Smol and Mushie are the perfect mix of fun and functionality for your little ones. While we are most excited about our NEW Smol x Mushie Mini Tumble, we’ve handpicked a collection of other darling duos to make your kid's day more fun!

Tide Water and Sensory Table + Mushie Bath Boats

Smol Tide Water and Sensory Table + Mushie Bath Boats

Settle into summer days with the perfect pairing of Mushie stackable bath boats and our sea-inspired Tide Water and Sensory Table. Watch as your tiny captain's imagination sets sail, navigating the sand and sea with this delightful duo.

Mini Tumble + Plush Cars + Mushie Stacking Cups

Smol Mini Tumble + Plush Cars + Mushie Stacking Cups

With the city map on the Mini Tumble floor, our adorable Plush Carsand Mushie’s stacking cups, you're little one can drive around towering skyscrapers, create sturdy parking garages, or navigate around roadblocks in traffic. This trio can turn your playroom into a bustling metropolis of creative play.

Mini Rainbow + Mushie Garland

Smol Mini Rainbow + Mushie Garland

With simple, sweet colors this Mushie garland adds a little touch of whimsy to your space. Hang it on your Mini Rainbow bounce house for an adorable party decoration or a super cute surprise for your little one.

Smol x Mushie Mini Tumble + Mushie Rainbow Stacker

Smol x Mushie Mini Tumble + Mushie Rainbow Stacker

Watch your littles bounce to new heights Mushie's rainbow stacker and our NEW Smol x Mushie Mini Tumble. Your little dreamer will be over the moon as they play, all within the comfort of your kid-friendly (and cute!) home.

Smol Space + Mushie Puzzle 

Smol Space + Mushie Dino Puzzle

Journey into the Jurassic era with our Smol Space toadstool hideaway and Mushie’s wooden dino puzzle. Your kids will love playing with prehistoric pals inside their very own giant mushroom cave.

Designed for open-ended play and big imaginations these toys will be a hit in your home, not to mention their muted tones won’t clash with your decor. You’ll be happy with the style and practicality while your kids will be thrilled with all the ways they can play. It's a win-win!