5 Spooktacular Tricks and Treats Your Little Goblins Will Love

kids sitting in tunnels of smol course bounce house
Halloween season is to die for with littles. The costumes, the traditions, the parties, and the treats–we love it all! There are so many ways to make this haunted holiday an even bigger hit with your kids.
Try a few of these ideas to get your family in the spooky spirit. We have some of the best tricks and treats right here.

Decorate a Haunted Bounce House

mini bounce house with halloween decorations
Give your Smol Tumble a Halloween makeover with a few simple, inexpensive decorations that pack a lot of Halloween spirit. These few additions to your bounce house will make October family get togethers, play dates, or Halloween parties that much more magical.
“Ghost” Fabric: This eerie white fabric will add a ghostly touch to your bounce house with minimal effort. Drape the gauzy cloth over the top of the bounce house walls for a fun halloween look. Snatch a roll of your own from Target!
Black Bats: Don’t worry, these bats aren’t scary. They are the perfect neutral addition to your bounce house. We love to arrange these wall decals as a flock of bats cascading up one or multiple walls. Simply peel these decals and place them to your liking.
Ghost Garland: This adorably festive garland is the perfect way to top off your freshly decorated bounce house. Try hanging the garland with Command hooks that can easily be removed from the bounce house when you’re done.
Combine all three bounce house decor ideas for a photo-op worthy, Halloween party activity. 

Mummy Bowling Set

mummy bowling set
Some of the best things in life are found at Target. This bowling set is no exception. We love the idea of putting all 10 plastic mummy pins at the bottom of your Smol Tumble’s slide and knocking them over as you slide down, or rolling the bowling ball down the slide. Your littles are going to love this fun and affordable party (or everyday) game.
P.S. Remember how Smol products are available at Target online?

Spice Up Snack Time

halloween snack board & snack mix
Don't let anyone go hungry during all the bouncing fun. Create this frighteningly tempting Halloween Snack Mix and Snack Board from Joy + Oliver. It’s the perfect variety of fruit, vegetable, and treat options with spooky little touches. Clementine pumpkins, mummy cookies, and “eyeballs on a log” are complemented by a popcorn snack mix featuring candy corn, white chocolate, and cocoa puffs.

Create a Festive Reading Corner

kids reading in bounce house
Give your little ones some Smol quiet time by setting them up with Halloween-themed books in the bounce house. Check out our fall reading list for fall and Halloween favorites to add to your bookshelf.

Make Salt Dough Ghost Hands

salt dough hand prints painted to look like ghosts
Save your littles handprints for life with this easy craft. All you have to do is make a simple salt dough recipe, roll out the dough in a circle that’s a little larger than your child’s hand, and help them imprint their hands in the dough. Add a hole near the edge of the palm area so you have a way loop string or a ribbon through to hang up later. Then, let the dough dry and add eyes to your Halloween handprint masterpiece.
We love this take on the craft via @hinckkadie!
With these creative ideas, you're ready to have a Halloween celebration that lasts all year long. From decorations to tasty snacks–and even a cozy reading nook–you have all the ingredients for a magical spooky season with your kids.