6 Unique Ways to Make Indoor Fun Festive

6 Unique Ways to Make Indoor Fun Festive

When the weather is frightful, it makes being in your cozy, warm home absolutely delightful. 

With Christmas so close, you probably have a checklist of at-home traditions you’re looking forward to building gingerbread houses, baking goodies, and reading Christmas books. 

If you can handle even more cozy holiday magic, we have some new ideas for you. 

This Christmas, and all winter long, make playing together indoors something you genuinely look forward to. All you need are a few festive ideas, and we happen to be full of them!

Indoor Snowball Fight

Turn your Smol Bounce House into a winter wonderland. The Neutral Tumble is a dream for this setup. It looks like a white, pillowy snow fort already!

However, there’s one very important thing it’s missing: glitter. Don’t worry, though, it’s contained. 

Grab sheets of silver glitter cardstock and have your kids cut them into snowflakes. You know the drill. This paper may be a little tougher to cut so be ready to help the littles. After you’ve opened and admired your snowflake designs, use masking tape to decorate your bounce house with them. 

The last thing you need is faux indoor snowballs. We love these because no one gets cold and no one gets hurt! Play dodge(snow)ball with them to make it even more fun for the big kids. 

Hot Cocoa Sensory Bin 

This is the Smol Tide’s moment to shine! Clear out your Tide if you’ve been using it for other sensory activities and give it a good wipe down. 

If you dig the Starbucks vibe–whether or not you’re a coffee drinker–you’re going to love this sensory bin idea. 

Split your tide in half. Add cocoa puffs to one side and marshmallows to the other. Add mini candy canes, and cookie cutters throughout. Finish it off with spoons and disposable hot beverage cups if you have them. Your kids will love scooping and pouring the different textures while discovering the contrasting scents.

Cozy Up In Your Mini

Complete with plush blankets and fluffy pillows your mini bounce house will easily become your kids’ favorite place to hang out. 

Spend an evening snuggled up with a stack of your favorite holiday books. If you haven’t started on your holiday book collection yet, you better start with the classics like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, The Polar Express, and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in the Kitchen

You can’t go wrong with Christmas cookies, but you also can’t go wrong with a treat that’s as funny as it is delicious.

This Melted Snowman Bark is so clever your entire family will get a good chuckle out of it. Poor Frosty! This would be the perfect simple treat to deliver to a neighbor just because. 

You’ll need pretzel sticks, white almond bark, edible candy eyes, orange sprinkles, red hot candies, and Rolos or Reese’s Miniature Peanut Butter Cups. 

For a healthier option, try these Banana and Strawberry Santas. Good news, though, marshmallows are still included. Check out the recipe to see how easy they are to make! Your toddlers will gobble these up. 

Bounce to Our Spotify Winter Playlist

As soon as you turn this playlist on, jumping in your Smol Bounce House will quickly turn into dancing. It’s full of upbeat holiday tunes that are as jolly as they are catchy. Your littles will recognize some of the songs, too!

Winter Wonderland Sticker Book

A good quiet time activity is pure gold on a chilly day indoors. We love the sweet illustrations and designs in this sticker book that has 12 coloring pages and 500+ stickers. The quality is exceptional and the sticker pages are located adjacent to the pages they pair with. That means no turning back and forth between pages. Plus, there are blank pages for free doodling! It’s so cute you might just have to sit down and color a page yourself.

With a little creativity, indoor activities are far from boring–especially around the holidays. We hope these fresh ideas bring your favorite people together for all the family time you’ve been craving. When you put a little extra love into family activities, you walk away with the sweetest moments.