A Beary Cute Valentine's Print Just For You

A Beary Cute Valentine's Print Just For You

Love is in the air! That means your kids’ teachers may be typing up an email any day reminding you to prepare a few dozen valentines to bring to class for the annual Valentine’s Day school party. 

It does a parent’s heart good to see your littles come home with a box or bag full of love notes from all of their friends from school. It’s a tradition we can definitely get behind. 

However, it doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming if you don’t want it to be. To make life a little easier, we created an adorable valentine illustration you can print, cut out and pair with a treat. The illustration comes in six color variations.


For best results, print on cardstock or send to a local printer. Have your kids help cut the individual valentines out and pair it with an extra surprise. It can be a sweet treat, or something unexpected!

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Tape a lollipop between the bear’s arms! A smaller lollipop like a mini Tootsie Pop might work best to distribute the weight on the paper evenly. 
  2. Tape a smaller treat, like a bite-sized candy bar, right on the bear’s belly. Try using double-sided tape to make it look like the bear is holding it without help!
  3. Staple a small sticker sheet to the back of the card or cut out small individual stickers and place them in each of the bear’s hands using double-sided tape. 
  4. Cut small holes where the bear’s hands end and slide a valentine-themed pencil through them. It should look like the bear is holding the pencil across his shoulder and behind his head. 
  5.  Fill a small, clear goodie bag with Hershey’s Hugs candies and staple it to the back of the card. Including three or four should be plenty and will make the “Bear Hugs From Me to You” message come to life.  

Don’t forget to have your kids’ write their names in the empty space around the bear. We made sure to leave plenty!

We hope it’s an extra special Valentine’s Day for you and your littles.