Applying Patches to Your Bounce House is Easy as ABC

Applying Patches to Your Bounce House is Easy as ABC

Parents love Smol bounce houses for so many reasons, but at the top of the list is the tasteful, modern design. While we love the aesthetic of neutral colors and clean lines, we also love a little added flair. Why not add a punch of personality to those pillowy, blank canvas walls?

That’s why we created Smol patches. These colorful little pops of joy liven up an already beautiful bounce house with your family’s unique touch. Choose from smiley faces, rainbows, flowers, animals, and so many more designs.

Oh, and have you seen our alphabet patches yet? We love the idea of adding your littles’ name to your bounce house for a special touch at birthday parties. Placing ABC patches on the walls is also a fun way to practice letters with preschoolers while they get their wiggles out.

FYI: All patches are available individually or in our Totally Rad Patch Pack!

Now, let’s fast forward to the day you get a Smol package on your doorstep full of your favorite patches. You’re excited to add some color to your bounce house, but don’t know exactly how to apply them. Luckily, adding patches to your inflatable is even easier than you might imagine.

Apply Smol Patches in 3 Simple Steps

The magic of Smol patches is that they are so easy to add and take away to create a space you and your kids absolutely adore. Plus, they’ll never damage the fabric, no matter how long they stay stuck.

letter A alphabet patch

Prepare the Canvas

Before you start peeling and sticking, make sure the areas where you want to place the patches are clean and dry. A smooth, dirt-free surface will allow the patches to adhere securely, so they stay stuck until you’re ready to remove them.

To clean the area, dampen a cloth with water and wipe away debris. You may also use a gentle cleaner like Branch Basics multi-purpose concentrate. Using harsh chemicals to clean your bounce house will not only hurt the fabric, it will make it more difficult for patches to stick.

letter B alphabet patch

Plan for Placement

This is where you dream up the perfect arrangement for your patches. Collab with your kids so both of you love the way it looks—or let your kids’ creativity take over! Either way, it’s good to have a loose plan ahead of time because if you remove and replace patches, they lose their “stick.” You’ll also leave residue from the sticker on the bounce house fabric. For long-lasting stickiness, keep them in one place.

letter C alphabet patch

Peel, Stick & Smile

When you have an idea of where you want your patches to go, it’s time to peel and stick! Gently peel off the backing of the patch to reveal the adhesive side. Carefully position the patch on your bounce house in the desired spot. Press down firmly to ensure a snug attachment. Voilà – you've just added a dash of creativity and charm to your bounce house!


With littles, anything can be turned into a masterpiece! Have a blast letting your kids choose their favorite patches and helping them find the perfect places for them.

It’s the little things that make childhood truly magical. To add joy to your bounce house, shop Smol patches today and make sure to check out our new alphabet patches, too!