Creative Ways to Play With Your Water Table Indoors

smol tide water table

As much as we hate to see it, the warm weather is fading and fall is in full force, which means your kids spend more time wearing sweatshirts, and less time wearing swimsuits. It also means your water toys are heading for the garage or storage shed.

Not so fast, though. You don’t need water to have an absolute blast with Smol. The Smol Tide water table is way more versatile than meets the eye. With a little creativity, it can transform from an outdoor water table to an indoor sensory bin and mess container.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use Smol Tide all year long.

Animal Rescue Bin

animal rescue sensory activity with smol tide
Even without water, your Smol Tide water table can become the perfect setting for an exciting animal rescue mission. Fill it with sensory materials like rice, sand, or colored beads, and hide small toy animals inside. Give your kids shovels, spoons, and brushes to "rescue" their favorite critters. This activity encourages imaginative play and fine motor skill development.

Seashell Sort

seashell sort sensory activity with smol tide
Turn your Smol Tide water table into a seashell sorting station. Gather a variety of seashells and other small beach-themed items, and encourage your kids to sort them by size, color, or type. This activity provides sensory stimulation and teaches valuable sorting and categorization skills.

Dinosaur Dig

dinosaur dig sensory activity with smol tide
While it might look like a water table, it’s actually a prehistoric excavation site. Bury toy dinosaurs in kinetic sand and have your little paleontologists unearth these ancient creatures with brushes and tools. This is the perfect time to nerd out about prehistoric facts and try to pronounce dinosaur names!

Car Wash

car wash sensory activity with smol tide water table

This is how you get your kids to wash their toys. Have them gather up their toy carswe love these mold free vehicles from Mushieor any small toys that can get wet, add a dash of bubbles, and start scrubbing. Sponges, scrub brushes, toothbrushes, or washcloths will do the trick. If your toys aren’t dirty enough to start, add a twist by using brown or black washable markers to get the car “dirty” first. With the Smol Tide, cleaning suddenly becomes your kids’ favorite activity.

Indoor Water Fun in the Shower

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t play with water! Take Smol Tide into the shower and watch it fill up. Let your kids splash around, use all of the Smol Tide toys, and create a warm mini water park experience without having to brave the cold. It’s everything you loved about summer water play with no mess.


With a little creativity and a few small Amazon purchases, your Smol Tide water table brings a taste of summer into the dead of winter. Plus, using your Smol Tide table in new and exciting ways will keep your kids engaged, help them refine their motor skills, and set up opportunities to learn about animals, nature, and more.

So, when the weather turns chilly, don't banish your Smol Tide to the garage—bring the fun indoors!