DIY a Leprechaun Trap With This FREE Print

DIY a Leprechaun Trap With This FREE Print

You know that empty shoe box you’ve been keeping around for months? It’s finally time for it to shine. 

One of our very favorite artists, Betsy Petersen, made this happy little print just for our Smol parents and littles. Because, what’s more fun than your family teaming up to catch the tricky leprechaun that causes all sorts of mischief on St. Patrick’s Day? You’re going to need all of your cunning and creativity if you want any shot at trapping him for good.

You’re going to love these whimsical illustrations. Everything that could lure a leprechaun in included–gold coins, a rainbow, “free” gold, and a gold key. There’s no way those little green trouble makers will be able to resist. 

We especially love that you can mark your creation “Smol leprechaun trap” so we can take a small part in your happy-go-lucky day. 


Ready to make your trap? Follow these instructions!

How to Make Your Leprechaun Trap

1. Start with a box or container. While a shoebox works well to trap leprechauns, get creative. A leftover cereal box, oatmeal canister, or Amazon box will do just as well. Disposable items are best so you aren’t limited to which craft materials you can use. Use scissors, glue, and glitter–whatever your heart desires. 

2. Add some color to your trap. Get extra festive by painting your trap green and dusting it with gold glitter. That’s just one example of how you can add a few additional creative elements to make your trap shamrockin’!

3. Print Betsy’s art! You might need to print a few color copies on standard printer paper or cardstock so all of your kids can add the illustrations to their liking. Let your creativity run wild.

4. Bring out the safety scissors. Let your kids have fun cutting out the illustrations they want to use and pasting them onto the box with a glue stick. While the scissors are out, your kids may want help cutting out a proper door and a window or two.

5. Place your trap where leprechauns might find it. The kitchen counter is always a good idea, but an even better idea is to place it by the entrance of your Smol bounce house. You know how those little tricksters love to have fun. If a leprechaun sees a bounce house, our guess is he’ll have to test it out. 

Now, all you have to do is wait until St. Patty’s Day to see if your trap gets the job done. If it’s your lucky day, you just might catch one this time.