How to Safely Set Up Your Bounce House Indoors

How to Safely Set Up Your Bounce House Indoors

Wintry weather is fun for a little while, especially around the holidays. 

But for parents and littles, it’s easy to feel cooped up, frustrated, and stir crazy. There’s so much pent up energy in those little bodies. Where is it supposed to go when it’s too cold to play outside? 

Sometimes it looks like running laps around the house, rough housing, and getting into mischief. It’s enough to make anyone count the hours until bedtime daily–not a fun routine.

Enter the indoor bounce house that’s keeping the entire family sane through the fall and winter. 

As long as you know where to set up your Smol bounce house and you understand best setup practices, you’ll be able to help your kids get all of their wiggles out while keeping your furniture and walls intact. 

Follow these setup requirements for safe, happy jumping all day, every day. 

Keep Objects Away From the Sides

It isn’t exactly easy to keep a clear path around your bounce house at all times. 

Toys of all shapes and sizes are constantly moving around your house in new locations, but do your best to keep a 6-foot border around the bounce house clear of “stuff.” If any falls or accidents happen, your kids won’t land on an object. Keeping objects away from the bounce house also preserves the bounce house itself. Objects placed too close to the bounce house can puncture it and cause damage that’s hard to repair.  

Depending on the size of the rooms in your house–and the height of your ceilings–you’ll need to be strategic about where you put your bounce house. Some furniture moving might be necessary to get it in the right spot. 

Space between living areas or in a playroom, a great room, or a basement may be ideal for indoor set up.

Set Up Close to a Power Source

Cords are messy and dangerous. It’s the absolute worst when your room is set up just right and you have a clunky black cord cluttering the space. Even worse, cords that obstruct areas where people are walking, especially wobbly babies and toddlers, is downright hazardous.

By keeping your bounce house as close to an electrical outlet as possible–maintaining a 6-foot distance from the wall–you can keep the cord well hidden and away from your home’s most high-traffic areas. 

Inflate on a Soft Surface 

The indoor equivalent of grass is, of course, carpet. It’s important to inflate your Smol bounce house on a soft surface so your kids land on a padded surface when they take trips down the slide or an accidental tumble. 

Materials like hardwood and tile may also make it more difficult for the bounce house to stay in one place. Carpet adds a little extra traction and won’t damage the bounce house material in any way.  

Secure With Sandbags

Since stakes aren’t going to work to secure your bounce house to the carpet, surely something else has to. Smol bounce houses come with three sandbags that are used in place of stakes. Simply fill the bags up with sand (not included) and clip to each of the three rings located on the sides and back of the bounce house. 

Jump to the Beat

If you really want to add some sunshine to a chilly day, turn up the volume on an upbeat playlist that will get the good vibes flowing through your house. We compiled the perfect Spotify playlist for this occasion. We promise, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song didn’t make the cut. You’ll love these feel good songs as much as your kids!

Once you’re safely set up with some new tunes playing in the background, you might as well invite some neighborhood friends over to join the fun. You’ll be a true hero! Finally, you can enjoy all the usual bounce house fun without worrying about the temperature or unexpected weather. It’s a win-win!