How to Safely Set Up Your Bounce House Outside

How to Safely Set Up Your Bounce House Outside

The sky is bright blue, the sun is shining, and you only have one thing on the agenda all day play! Like you, we live for those backyard, popsicle-munching, dirt-digging days that are made even more magical with your very own bounce house. Because when you’re already on Cloud 9 enjoying family time, why not officially defy gravity with Smol?

While bouncing indoors is so much fun, there’s nothing quite like jumping in the sunshine. To make sure you have the best bounce experience possible, we’re laying out everything you need to know to make setup, play, and take down easy-breezy and safe. Chances are high that backyard bounce time will become a daily ritual. 

Remember, not all of our products transition from indoor to outdoor. Check your bounce house manual to make sure the product you bought was designed for outdoor play.

Check the Weather

Even though the sun is shining, it might not be the perfect day to jump outside. Do not set the bounce house up if it’s windy at all. Serious injuries can occur and we care about your family’s safety above anything else. 

The same is true with any inclement weather. Do not use the bounce house outside in rain, snow, hailyou name it. It’s first and foremost for your family’s safety, but also preserves the life of the bounce house and blower.

Position With Plenty of Room on All Sides

Good news! It’s a lot easier to find the perfect spot for your bounce house outside vs. inside.

Your Smol bounce house should be positioned on a grassy area. Keep a 6-foot perimeter from other objects on all sides, including above the bounce house. Objects you’ll want to avoid include, but are not limited to, walls, fences, trees, and other play equipment. Maintaining this space also keeps the bounce house itself away from anything that could damage it. 

Stay Close to an Electrical Outlet

While you don’t want to be closer than 6 feet from your home, you also want to be close enough that you don’t need an extension cord. Keep the bounce house close enough to an outdoor outlet so no one is tripping over the blower or power cord. You also don’t want to be stretching the cord and blower too far. 

When the bounce house and blower are positioned well, attach the bounce house’s blower tube to the blower and secure the tie to keep air from escaping. Make sure the blower tube is straight, not twisted, so air can easily enter the bounce house.

Always keep water away from the blower! Getting electrically powered devices wet is incredibly dangerous. 

Secure With Stakes

Anchoring your bounce house is always essential, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Properly securing your bounce house with stakes will prevent it from moving or tipping, and will help keep your kids safe. 

To properly stake your bounce house, first check the ground conditions. For best results, it shouldn’t be too hard or too soft. 

Then, make sure you have the mallet and all stakes that came with your bounce house. The number of stakes vary depending on the product. 

If you have turf installed in your yard, stakes won’t work. Instead, use the sandbags that came with your bounce house. You will need to buy your own sand at a local nursery. 

Place one stake in each loop attached to the bottom of the bounce house. Pull the loop away from the bounce house so it’s tight, then use the mallet to hammer the stakes into the ground vertically, not diagonally. Pound the stake until it’s flush with the ground. This will prevent any little feet from tripping on them.

Inflate in Seconds

Once you’ve completed all of the previous steps, it’s time to hit that “on” button! Make sure your kids are not on or near the bounce house while it’s inflating. Remind your kids to keep toys out of the bounce house to keep the bounce house itself and other jumpers safe. 

Clean Up Before Storing

It’s likely your bounce house might get a little wet and a little dirty. Before packing everything up, use a towel and mild cleaner to dry the fabric and wipe away grass or mud. For harder stains, we recommend using Folex. When you take good care of your bounce house, your kids can enjoy it all through their childhoods, and it will never be an eyesore.  

Make sure you store your bounce house after every use to preserve the quality. Leaving your bounce house out while it’s not in use can cause damage. 

Make it a Backyard Party!

Your bounce house is inflated and the kids are excited, but something is still missing. It’s the music, snacks for bounce breaks, and friends! Make bringing your bounce house back outside a neighborhood affair. With Smol, every warm day turns into a backyard party.