Make Movie Night Extra Special with a Bounce House

Make Movie Night Extra Special with a Bounce House

Everyone loves a weekend movie night. After a busy week of school and work, there’s nothing like relaxing with your favorite people—and a big bowl of popcornto watch a movie together. 

There are so many ways to jazz up this essential weekend activity so it feels special every time. For starters, take your move night outside. If you want to add even more magic and memories, watch your Friday night movie from the comfort of your Smol bounce house

If you live in an area that’s warm all year, you’re one of the lucky ones! Make outdoor movie watching in your bounce house a year-round activity. If you live in a city that enjoys all four seasons, squeeze a movie under the stars in before temperatures drop too low. 

So prep the perfect setup, snuggle up with your favorite snacks, and create the at-home theater of your dreams with these tips. 

Setup your Backyard Theater

How you set up your movie night can be as high tech or low tech as you want. If your movie-watching crew is small (2-6 people), keep it simple! Grab a laptop, log in to your favorite streaming service, and play a new release or old favorite. Cuddle in close to get a good view!

Want to host a movie block party or larger family event? You’re going to need a bigger screen. We love this Inflatable Movie Screen from Amazon. Like your bounce house, it’s easy to set up and take down with the included blower.

You’ll also need a high-quality projector for the best movie-watching experience. Prop the projector up on a table and center it on the screen. You can also project the movie onto a large blank wall on the side of your house, your garage, or one of the walls of your Neutral Walled Tumble.

Grab plenty of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals and pile them into your bounce house. And don't forget your pajamas!

Grab the Snacks

Movies and snacks go together like popcorn and butter. Make a snack station outside of the bounce house that the kids can visit while watching the movie. We love including snacks like S'mores, Sweet 'n' Salty Snack Mix, Popcorn, or Fruit (for a tasty, naturally sweet option).

*Remember, keep food and drinks out of your bounce house. This will preserve the quality for years to come and ensure everyone inside is safe.

Choose your Movie

Make your home theater extra festive by matching your movie selection to the season. If it’s a summer movie, The Sandlot is a classic for elementary-aged kids. If your movie night is in October, turn on Hotel Transylvania. Queue any of these crowd pleasers to engage the whole family: 

The Goonies
Toy Story
Night at the Museum
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
The Incredibles
The Wizard of Oz
The options are endless! If you have a hard time choosing, assign each family member a night to pick the movie. That will help the indecision and eliminate disagreements.
As long as you don’t mind a few impromptu jump sessions during your movie, switching your living room couch for a Smol bounce house might be exactly what the whole family needs.