Our Favorite Ways to Wrap Smol Gifts

Our Favorite Ways to Wrap Smol Gifts

It’s Christmas morning. Your kids are waking up in their cozy, festive PJs. The Christmas tree lights are on and snow is falling outside. (We can dream, right?)

It’s finally the time your kids wait for all yearseeing what Santa left under the tree. For every family, the spread looks a little different. Santa may leave most gifts unwrapped or wrap every gift, big and small, to extend the magic of opening those holiday surprises. 

Done right, Smol gifts create core Christmas memories. All you have to do is add a bow here and garland there to bring holiday magic to your living room. 

Here are three of our favorite ways to style your Smol gifts for Christmas morning.

1. Set Up Ahead of Time

Statement gifts like a bounce house or water table are what Christmas dreams are made of. Really wow your kids with holiday magic by stealthily setting up bigger gifts before they make it downstairs. Then add a few festive touches like a giant red bow or garland. We love the idea of decorating a neutral bounce house with a pop of green, red, or both!

Early set up would work especially well with our minis because they don't need continuous airflow. Try setting up your bounce house in a room away from the tree so it doesn't take over the entire gift-opening space.

2. Deck Your Product Box

If you’ve received a Smol bounce house, you know the box its delivered in is to die for. Our 8x8 and 6x6 bounce houses come in modern, beautifully designed boxes that can stand on their own as gift boxes. So, go ahead and save the wrapping paper! Simply add a big, luxurious bow and oversized gift tag to give it extra charm.

3. Wrapping & Stocking Stuffing

For smol gifts, including patches, squirt toys, plush indoor balls, and plush cars, you’ll need to find a cute box or bag to put these items in. Then, wrap with your favorite paper and add a bow. 

These items also make amazing stocking stuffers. Select your favorites in our shop and divide them between your kids stockings so they each have their own assortment to add to your bounce house.

With Smol under your tree, we hope you have the merriest Christmas and that our products help you create the magical moments that live in for decades.