Tea Time with Smol! FREE Tea Party Prints

Tea Time with Smol! FREE Tea Party Prints

Pinkies up! If it’s mid-afternoon where you are, then it’s time for tea. For a proper English tea, you’re going to need a few things. 

First, you’re going to need a table and chairs–kid sized or adult sized. You may also want to play some classical music. If you don’t know the first thing about classical music, try asking Google or Alexa to play ballet music. Also, if you have a fancy hat, this is the time to wear it! 

Lastly, you’ll need these paper teacups, saucers, kettle, and finger foods, designed by Betsy Petersen, to complete the table setting. The art style and colors are so dreamy. Plus, they’re a cinch to construct.



How to Construct the Teacups
  1. Cut the teacup bases and larger decorated pieces out of the paper. The print makes two teacups.
  2. Take each decorated teacup wall cutout and tape or glue the indicated edge next to the teacup handle, but not to the teacup handle. This should make a cup shape without the base. Fold the teacup handle away from the rest of the paper so you can pick the teacup up with it.
  3. Make small cut marks in each teacup base’s dotted lines. When all of the cuts are made, put the base into the teacup from the top of the cup. The cut edges should fold up inside the cup’s walls. Use a few small pieces of tape to keep the base in place.

How to Construct the Kettle

  1. Join the short edges of the kettle’s main floral cutout together with glue or tape so it makes a cylinder. Fold the kettles handle away from the cylinder so you can use it to pick up the kettle.
  2. Tape the spout to the area of the kettle cylinder that’s opposite the handle.
  3. Fold the bottom of the lid’s knob and glue or tape the folded piece to the lid. 

To finish, simply cut out the saucers and finger foods and arrange them on the table. As your tea party officially begins, make sure to try out your best British accents. If you need some inspiration, listening to a few minutes of Peppa Pig will help!