The Perfect Gift for Every Little on Your List

smol bounce house with holiday decor

There are a few things more memorable as a parent than Christmas morning gasps. 

That moment your kids lay eyes on the stacks of presents just for them and rush toward them together, dressed in matching Christmas jammies. It’s one of the few moments that normal life crosses a magical boundary. 

If you’re looking for holiday gifts that will make your kids’ jaws drop, Smol can help with that. Imagine your kids waking up to a fully inflated bounce house! That is a core memory that will live on for decades. 

To help you choose Smol items that “wow” the kids in your immediate and extended family, here are some clues that will help you select products that match the personalities on your holiday gift list. 

For the Adventurous One: Smol Course

smol course

Have a wild child on your hands? The Smol Course is built for your little’s endless energy. This bounce house turned obstacle course tests little adventurers’ strength and stamina as they attempt to crawl through tunnels, cimb over inflated cliffs, dodge obstacles, and slide to the finish line. 

Smol Course features double tunnels and slides, a climbing wall with foot holds, dangling obstacles, a basketball hoop, and plenty of room to jump. Parents love its modern design and color palette. Kids love it because they are free to play big and expend their explosive energy. Pair it with our Plush Indoor Balls for extra fun!

Even though Smol Course is a larger inflatable, it sets up in minutes and is the perfect activity for family gatherings, playdates, parties, and more!

For the Big Imagination: Smol Space

smol space 

Sometimes big creativity happens in smol spaces. When your kids step inside the Smol Space, they’ll immediately feel like they’ve discovered a whimsical escape. 

The Space’s storybook toadstool design belongs in your playroom and will quickly become your kids’ favorite hideaway. Give your little dreamers these fun ideas to fire up their creativity. Like all Smol products, it’s easy to set up and take down, and requires minimal storage space. 

The Smol Space magically appears in seconds with a 20” box fan (not included) and is the lowest maintenance way to spark imagination and creativity.

For the Smollest One: The Mini Tumble

mini tumble

Everything is cuter when it’s smol. Even bounce houses.

The Mini Tumble and Mini Rainbow are the sweetest size–made even sweeter when your toddler or preschooler hops in. If you’re worried about the regular Tumble being too big to play with indoors, this smaller bounce house will easily fit in your open areas. 

To mix things up a bit, the Mini Tumble has an added twist! The floor is a beautifully designed city with building- and tree-lined streets. They won’t be able to help but pretend they’re cars, zooming through down the road. 

Also, the mini doesn’t have a continuous blower, making it great for kids with sound sensitivities. Inflate it once and bounce for hours!

For the Social Bug: The 8x8 Tumble

8x8 tumble | stripes

What’s better than hanging with your friends? Hanging with your friends in a bounce house! 

Our 8x8 Tumble fits an extra friend or two inside so no one has to wait their turn. As Andy Warhol said, “Two is a crowd, but three is a party!”

To make jumping even more fun, apply our add-on patches with your friends to bring a little personality to your bounce house. From letters to animals, you can really make the Tumble your own by simply peeling and sticking the patches where you want them! 

For the Water Enthusiast: The Smol Tide

tide water & sensory table

Have a water-loving toddler in your life? You know, the one that splashes themselves in the face repeatedly any time they’re around water, but just can’t stop? Give them the Smol Tide. You’ve truly never seen a water table like this. The basin is extra big for plenty of play space and comes with additional squirt toys and strainers to make splashing even more fun. 

When summer is over don’t put it away. Take it indoors and use it as a sensory table! It’s the perfect place to unearth tiny toys from rice or kinetic sand.

For Anyone & Everyone: The 6x6 Tumble

6x6x tumble | blue

When it comes to bounce houses, the 6x6 Tumble is an absolute show stopper that’s the perfect size for outdoor and indoor play. It becomes the focal point of every party, play date, or family gathering. Parents are obsessed with the clean lines and hours of entertainment it offers. Kids love that they don’t have to wait long for setup. 

If you’re feeling the pressure to create Christmas magic, but are short on ideas for what will create that “wow” factor, you’ve found your saving grace. Grab a Smol gift to make sure you get all the Christmas gasps and squeals you’re hoping for.