Playtime Products for Every Parenthood Era

Playtime Products for Every Parenthood Era

Every time you master a phase of parenthood, you’re unexpectedly kicked back to square one, unsure how you’ll survive another journey into uncharted territory.

So unfair, right?

While we may not be able to help you figure out your kids’ meltdowns and food aversions, we can help you entertain, teach, imagine, and connect with seriously fun products.

Whether you’re a brand new mama that spends days cuddled close to your little one, or the mom of pre-teens who run the household, we found some things you’re going to love.

Rockabye Era 


Wildbird Ariel Carrier in Acadian 

Newborns are fun in their own special way. Nothing beats the soft, squishy cuddles. On the flip side, nothing prepares you for the tradeoffs: sleep deprivation, emotional rollercoasters, and more.

However, good products make a huge difference in making this season of life more enjoyable. A great carrier, like the Ariel from Wildbird, is one of those things. For brand new babies, it helps parents stay close without being tethered to the couch all day. This bonding is made comfortable, easy, and cute with the Ariel Carrier. 

As your baby gets older, the carrier becomes essential to their entertainment as you’re out and about. Being out and about at mom’s side to explore the world is usually high on a baby’s list of favorite activities. If you read the reviews, many parents claim it’s the comfiest carrier they’ve ever owned. 

Storytime Era


Smol Space 

There’s nothing sweeter than a chubby little body plopping down on your lap with a board book in hand. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. 

To make your storytime rituals even more special, give yourself a special reading nook that feels like a secret hideout. 

The Smol Space is a beautiful, perfectly-sized tent that inflates and deflates in seconds. We love that its neutral color elevates any play space, but its toadstool design adds plenty of whimsy. It won’t be a surprise if your toddler doesn’t want to come out!

Cozy up inside it with blankets, pillows, and these adorable board books: 

Fuzzy, Furry, Ouch: This fresh, funny touch-and-feel board book will encourage little ones to feel the different textures while also teaching them what not to touch in real life!

Press Here: Press the yellow dot on the cover of this interactive children's book, follow the instructions within, and embark upon a magical journey. 

TouchThinkLearn: ABC: This is an exquisitely designed chunky board book that invites little readers to explore the letters of the alphabet in a whole new way.

On the Move:  Discover the many means of transportation within the city. This book transforms itself into a street mat where you can play and invent new stories. 

A Marvelous Museum: Discover a museum's exhibits in a one-of-a-kind format, complete with art by celebrated illustrator Ingela Arrhenius. 

Busybody Era 


Yoto Mini 

This age can be defined in one word: wiggles. If we could store the energy in every preschooler’s body, we could power the world. As parents, it can be intimidating to go up against.

That’s why you need activities that help your littles expend that energy. When they use these products, their bodies and minds will welcome rest–we hope.

The 6x6 Smol Bounce House is a fun and safe place to contain your kids’ explosive energy. Non-stop jumping will tire out even the most rambunctious little ones. Plus, its modern, minimalist design looks impeccable in your home. There are a handful of fun styles to choose from! The Neutral Tumble that looks great at any get together while the Pink Rainbow lets your kids’ personalities shine. 

Desperate for something that engages your kids minds that isn’t on a screen? Same. That’s why we were thrilled to find the Yoto Mini. It’s screen-free entertainment on the go. Choose from hundreds of cards to plug into your Yoto to explore music, stories, and guided activities. Its mini size is perfect for small hands and travel.

Artistic Era 


 The Dough Project DIY Playdough

Watching your child’s creativity blossom is a messy and magical experience. Suddenly, marker stripes are on every table. Tiny scraps of paper are littered across the carpet. We have ideas that will help you add to all of the creative fun, but also contain it. 

You probably have a stockpile of playdough at your house, but it gets mixed together and dried up regularly. Next time your kids ask you to take out the playdough, take out some simple ingredients instead. This Dough Project DIY Mix is all natural and kids have so much mixing and squishing playdough into life. This is the perfect activity for a quiet day at home. 

The Tide Water & Sensory Table was designed for creative brains! As a water table or a sensory table, the imaginative play possibilities are endless. Take a look at our best sensory table play ideas for inspo. The creativity doesn’t stop there, though. The table turns into an arts and crafts desk when you pack all of the parts and toys inside. It’s easy to clean and offers plenty of space for all the supplies your little needs to create a masterpiece. 

Action Era


 Smol Course

In this era, you’re probably spending more time than you ever wanted to in your car. Your kids’ schedules are filling up with extracurriculars, friends, and more. Every day on your calendar is full from top to bottom. It’s busy, but it’s oh-so fun. 

At this age, it gets harder to find things kids will “play” with. Enter the Smol Course. This inflatable can withstand the rough and tumble of your big kids and challenge them to not only jump, but climb, crawl, dodge, slide, and even dunk. The Course includes a basketball hoop that pairs well with Smol’s Plush Indoor Balls. The balls come in a pack of three, each with its own style. Kids can’t get enough of the fun texture and adults appreciate that they can’t scuff the walls. They’ll easily become your favorite indoor ball!

As you journey through each unique era of parenthood, there’s comfort in knowing people are on your side, enhancing playtime and making your life easier and even more colorful.